Fight that Acne!

Good Afternoon my Beauties!! Happy Makeup Monday to you All!!

Lets start off to a great week with Acne Skin Care Tips!

1. Sleep well!

Enough sleep allows for greater immune efficiency to fight against bacterial infection! Such as bacteria that causes acne on your skin!

2. Change or Improve your Diet!

Eating oily foods, or foods high in fat/ oil substances causes your skin to become oily leading to clogged pores which eventually leads to nasty red bumps (acne) on your skin.

3. Hydrate!

Drink lots of water to help move the fats and other substances through your blood veins/ capillaries to help cleanse your body of wastes

4. Clean your skin daily! I mean DAILY!

Strange as it is to say.. some ppl do not clean their faces on a daily bases.. or they cleanse much less than they should!

5. Lastly, understand your skin type

Knowing your skin type allows to to select products that treat your acne whilst not affecting your skins nature.

Learn more here!


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