What is your skin type?

Good Afternoon and Happyyy Makeup Monday my Beauties!!!!

One of the biggest issue that women AND men have is not knowing what kind of skin type they have causing them to buy tons of facial products that don’t work on their face…

Its not that the products dont work,, its the type of skin that you have the doesnt work with the products particular ingredients.

According to Ms. Julyne Derrick, there are 5 skin types:

1. Oily – big pores, oily tzone and other facial areas, prone to blemish

2. Combination- medium pores, smooth texture, healthy color, oily tzone, dry cheeks

3. Sensitive- thin skin, prone to rashes, prone to broken capillaries, flushes easily

4. Dry- tendency to have fine wrinkles, flakes, red patches, and make look dull in color

5. Aging- wrinkles, sunburn, leathery texture

Learn more about how to tell what kind of skin you have and the descriptions here!



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