Soda should NEVER be an OPTION!!!!

Gooooood AFternoon and Happy Happy Fitness Friday my Beauties!!!!

There are times when people such as ourselves have bad habits that are totally unecessary that can negatively impact our lives.. but we always ask.. Why not?? I know its bad,, but im sure its not that bad…

For Example!! .. the evil carbonated.. super sweet.. SODA.. rawr!!!

Soda is a big no no when it comes down to your choice of daily drinks.. in fact.. soda has not nutritional value what so ever!! In fact, Soda is a leading contributor to obesity in the USA! D:

Huge super important FACT from ::: 2 glasses/ cans of soda per day can contribute to about 30lbs gained a year!!! WHATTTTTT…. BUT SO TRUE..If you dont work out and drink “empty calories” .. for which is an extra about 400-500 calories a day.. that will def not only increase your chances for obesity.. but also spike up your blood sugar levels etc..

PLUS!! Drink carbonated drinks.. like SODA.. bloats the gastrointestinal tract causing your digestive/ metabolic rate to slow down..

All in all.. there is NO purpose to soda.. Now you know the negativities of soda.. so its YOUR CHOICE to drink soda as opposed to water.. YOUR CHOICE!

Learn more here!


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