Fitness Friday!!.. Gatorade.. or Water..?

Goooood Afternoon my Beauties!! Happy Fitness Friday to you!!

Its the weekend.. that means TIME FOR STRESS RELIEF EXERCISE!!

Many people wonder whether they should drink energy sports drinks (Like gatorade as we will use for this topic) or water when they exercise… the answer is.. IT DEPENDS ON YOUR EXERCISE ROUTINE!

When doing light workouts such as short 15 min walks or other less intense activites that cause little sweat, its best to drink water.

HOWEVER! If you like to go above and beyond and run for miles or play sports or gym for hours in which you sweat a river as a result.. then Gatorade is the drink to utilize!! Your body loses tons of minerals that are necessary for proper bodily function when you sweat.. though water does provide hydration, Gatorade provides the hydration and minerals such as the all needed sodium!!

Learn more here!


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