Makeup Monday!! Dramatize Those Gorgeous Lashes!!

Good Morning my Beauties! Happy Makeup Monday to you all!!

First off, as a tribute to Memorial Day and all of our Beloved Soldiers, lets spare a few minutes of silence to honor them…


Now on to Makeup Monday…

Make ladies believe that curling is as simple as buying a $2 eyelash curler and mascara and your good to go.. However, many of those that purchase that sort of combo always end up with what are known as “spider lashes” or simple “curled to flat” lashes… well.. as we beauties know.. we all get what we pay for!

First off, the purpose of curling and coloring our lashes is to add a more dramatic effect to contour our eyes. Though it may be a small addition to the makeup routine, it is VERY IMPORTANT!! You can have the perfect makeup routine going on, but if your lashes don’t accentuate in a good manner.. Believe BreLuxe, your efforts will definitely be effected..

To get the most natural eyelash look, or to get the best dramatic look, buying the right eyelash curler makes a huge difference as well as application of the right mascara!!

Learn more from Marlene here!!



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