Fitness Friday!! Energy Drinks and Sports do not Mix!!

Good Afternoon my Beauties! Happy Fitness Friday to you all!!

There has been great wonder of whether its safe and effective to drink energy drinks loaded with caffiene while playing sports or conducting other physical demanding activities.. Truth is.. there is actually not enough research or study indicating that it is safe and effective to drink during physically demanding activity!!

However! There has been study that caffiene alone does not influence or benefit your sport’s subject of the matter! In actual truth, high dosage of caffeine during times of heart racing moments may actually be very devasting or negative towards your body’s physiological activity! Def not safe!!

Furthermore, energy drinks, unlike sport drinks, are NOT made to replace lost electrolytes that are lost during the times of when you sweat! Energy drinks = Dehydration! Bad Bad! D:

Learn more about energy drinks and why its unsafe to drink during sports!

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