Its Makeup Monday! How to Fill in Sparse Eyebrows to Accentuate your Beautiful Facial Structure!!

Goooooood Morning my Beauties! Happy Makeup Monday to you all!!

Some ladies think that eyebrows are not worth the extra benjamin.. but if truth be told.. they are actually worth much more than that!

Eyebrows are sooo important to a woman’s face (as well as mens!) as they accentuate not only the facial structure but also adds pop to your eyes!

Also! Some ladies over-pluck their eyebrows, that a specific eyebrow powder/ or pencil is definitely needed to make them look full and natural again!

Eyebrow powder/ pencil is so great as it allows you to not only accentuate what hairs you have unnecessarily pulled out but also change its shape as you make add color to the skin to the eyebrow region too!

Rule of thumb here is:

For black or very dark hair, choose an eyebrow color that is about 2 shades lighter than your hair color.

For light colored hair, choose a shade or a shade and a half darker than your hair color.

Highly recommended eyebrow powder is Anastasia! Check them out here!

Go to your nearest makeup store to try out multiple colors to find your perfect match!


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