It’s Makeup Monday!

Happy Makeup Monday my Beauties!!

No matter how organic or natural your makeup products may be, they are still not 100% natural and not 100% good for your skin! So as soon as you get home from a long day of work, shower as soon as you can and begin your beauty regime!

In fact, many women end up sleeping with their makeup on simply because they are tired.. DONT BE LAZY MY BEAUTIES!!

Sleeping with makeup on will lead to manyy nasty things like blocking pores.. blackheads.. imflammation.. and YESS BREAKOUTS TOO!

So! Cleanse, tone, exfoliate (twice a week), and moisturize daily to fight off acne causing bacteria and rinse your clogged pores!

Read more here by a skilled Dermatologist, Dr. Dennis Gross!!,_Dermatologist

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