Fitness Friday!

Happy Fitness Friday my Active Beauties!!

Wondering why you are always watching what you eat as opposed to the person next to you who’s consuming tons of snacks with weight being the last thing on his or her mind?

Instead of watching your calorie intake, how about watching your metabolism function?? If watching your calorie intake isn’t helping the results your are looking for, then increase your metabolism!!

The general gist of metabolism is that it is a for of gaining energy though burning fat/ calories that only occurs when your body needs or requires energy.

One way to increase energy is actually an idea that many who run from weight gaining stray from; that being, EAT MORE! Try to make it a habit to get your body into a rhythm to metabolize every 2  to 3 hrs from consumption. HOWEVER! Snacks like Hot Cheetos or Fries are NOT what I meant by snacking. 

Another way to increase metabolism is what we all know as exercise. Incorporate some intensive activities of 2-3 minutes in your 1 hr work schedule to shock your metabolism into work!

Interested in learning more?? Check out this site written by Jenny Stamos Kovacs and reviewed by Charlotte E. Grayson Mathis, MD!!

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